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no matter how hard I tried, my willpower kept failing me

I was eating ice cream for breakfast, pizza for lunch and burgers for dinner and still felt great ...until I wasn't anymore


jumped from one diet to another

I wanted the energy of my younger years, so I tried food combining, South Beach Diet, intermittent fasting and nothing lasted or really gave me the energy or body I was looking for


tried exercising my way to health

countless of boring hours in the gym and beating my body up each day just led to burn out and binging


blamed myself

all my symptoms had me thinking I must be the problem. I just wasn't trying hard enough. I must be broken


invested in me

we obtained the training and education to fit the lifestyle we wanted to have which also gave us the tools to help you reach your health goals too


we found balance and harmony 

coming back to real whole foods including lots of high-quality meats & veggies, but without restrictive rules  or labels


found enjoyment in all things

relaxing beach vacations, time with friends, and weekend splurges now all fit within our pretty healthy life


our passion

teaching parents you too can live your pretty healthy life through nurturing your metabolism – without starving yourself


we're here to help you restore your metabolism for confidence, energy, and fat loss through easy-to-follow nutrition guidance and simple habits without giving up the foods you love

Our passion is to help you create a pretty healthy life... even if nothing else has worked.

Let us show you how. 





we've been there too

Both of us have been through the trenches and tried everything. We thought intermittent fasting was the answer... and then it was eat less/move more... and then eating less meat/avoiding dairy... restricting one food after another... Now we know what works and what doesn't. 


Hi! I’m Brittney. This is my husband Josh. We’re based in Charlotte, NC with our son, Beckett. We both eat and live pretty healthy… but our version of that has changed drastically throughout the years. We want to show you how you can live a pretty healthy life too. And that healthy doesn't have to be so complicated. 


I grew up thinking pretty healthy meant whole wheat bagels and low-fat cream cheese. Josh grew up thinking it was salads and forgoing salad dressing. Josh was on track for a dad bod by believing he was healthy by stuffing a handful of raw spinach in his mouth to go with his junk food. (No wonder he didn’t like salads!) I went the opposite way by becoming a strict vegetarian who only ate the highest quality food. 

What we didn't realize then was that ever decision both of us were making - from what we were eating and drinking to how we were exercising to our daily habits and lifestyle - was damaging our metabolism.


The metabolism affects every single system within our body; it balances our hormones, affects our adrenals, stabilizes the thyroid, helps with detoxing, and affects our body's digestion. When our metabolism isn't functioning optimally, our body pays the price. That's when we experience unwanted symptoms like thinning hair, cold body, no appetite, bingeing behavior, digestion issues, headaches, mid-day exhaustion, easy irritability... and ultimately, chronic disease. 

Thankfully, science has taught us that 80% of chronic disease isn’t caused by our genes as we were told, but is caused by our environment. This means that our daily choices and habits directly influence our genes and we have the power to change our health going forward.  


In time, we learned how to heal the metabolism and came up with a new version of "pretty healthy" that worked for both of us. Josh taught me to loosen up around food and I showed him how veggies are meant to taste… delicious!

Which leads me to why we're here: to help you! 


We believe you can incorporate all the veggies and actually enjoy it. And we believe you can still have the occasional junk food too. All while being pretty healthy and nourishing your metabolism.


Our life's mission is to help you restore your metabolism for confidence, energy, and fat loss... through this blog, programs, and our free newsletter. We've both worked 1:1 with clients for years and are now putting everything into our online courses to serve you better. 


Not sure if your metabolism is sluggish? Take our quiz to find out!

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stop cutting out entire food groups

stop doing hours of boring cardio

start nourishing your body

to lose fat for good


pretty healthy metabolism™

one on one health

if you know you want extra support on your health journey to restore your metabolism to burn fat efficiently, work 1:1 with one of us


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