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3-Ingredient Chocolate Yogurt

I love sweet rich flavors and this 3-ingredient chocolate yogurt doesn’t disappoint. It’s uber sweet, lusciously thick, and perfectly decadent.

Having so few ingredients makes it super easy to make. Now for the spoiler alert!

All you’ll need to do is simply stir the ingredients together and bam, you’re finished. I even like to stir it directly into the bowl I’m about to devour it from. It’s so easy, I’m not sure it really can be called a recipe. Who am I kidding? The simpler, the better. And the more likely I am to make it.

Healthy Chocolate Yogurt Ingredients

I thought about calling this a pudding recipe as this it could easily be served as dessert. But since the ingredients are so simple and good for you, I like to have it as a mid-morning or afternoon snack.


Yogurt is an excellent source of bio-available nutrients and is packed with healthy fats and protein. Unfortunately, most yogurts have unnecessary ingredients like refined sugar and added thickeners. The healthiest yogurts are plain, unsweetened, and thickened only through the natural fermentation process and typically for a full 24-hours.

This brand is my personal favorite. It meets all the above requirements and it gets bonus points for being in a glass jar. (And it doesn’t have any writing on the jar which makes it great to reuse!)

Trader Joe’s also has some great organic options our family loves too. Josh’s favorite is the organic greek option there.


I’m a huge chocolate fan. So much so that I love 100% dark chocolate all by itself (and pretty much any other variation). Cacao is the raw version of chocolate without any additives and is minimally processed so most of its nutrients are intact by the time it makes its way into our bowls, and our belly.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is packed to the brim with minerals and antioxidants. But keep in mind, it does have quite a bit of natural sugar so I like to think of it as a “healthy junk food” so as not to over-indulge.

Check the labels when looking for a product so you don’t end up with lots of high-fructose corn syrup or refined sugar. Maple syrup is sweet enough so if you see anything else on the ingredients list, know it’s not the real thing.

Substitutions for Healthy Yogurt Bowl

This is such an easy recipe, there’s not much you can substitute but here are a few ideas in case you don’t have an ingredient on hand or if dairy-free is more your style.

You could swap the honey for the maple syrup. I haven’t tried this one yet but I love the rich flavor of honey so I’m sure this would be an excellent swap. Because honey is thicker, I’d suggest throwing all ingredients in a blender to get it to merge better. The extra step is the only reason why I haven’t tried it yet! If you don’t have any cacao, use cocoa instead! No, it’s not a play on words. Cocoa is a toasted version of cacao and therefore, some of its nutrients are lost in processing. But it’s still good for you!

If you’d prefer a non-dairy or vegan option, you could absolutely use coconut yogurt instead of a dairy option. Unfortunately, I don’t have a brand to suggest as I’ve yet to find one I love. If you know of one that’s fabulous, share it in the comments below!

Pile on the Toppings

The topping ideas are endless. Granted, it certainly doesn’t need any! I usually switch it up by using whatever I have on hand. Some ideas to get your tastebuds salivating are:

  • Fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries

  • Fun extras like unsweetened coconut flakes or cacao nibs

  • Nut butters are great for an extra boost of protein

  • Hemp seeds make a great yogurt topping too

  • We especially love granola on ours. Try this recipe here! (We think it tastes like candy!)

Since pudding recipes (ahem, yogurt!) are pretty much always kid-friendly, this one is no exception! Pile on some fresh fruit for an antioxidant boost and pretty colors to draw their attention and you’ll have them a fan in no time.



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