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The Best Healthy Black Friday Deals 2021! (Updated Often)

I love a good deal and this year is no exception. The kind of gifts I love to give and receive most are the kind that help us eat, breathe and feel healthier. And especially the kind that makes living and eating healthy... easier. These are some of my favorite products we already own and love or are on our own shopping list.

Check back as this list will be updated with new products, links and discounts!

I love and stand by all things earthly brand! I’ve yet to find a single questionable ingredient in their products. I especially love their healing remedies for my son. their “teeth tamer” is the only thing that seems to genuinely help his teething and we put the magnesium “sleepy time” lotion on him nearly every night before we go to sleep. In fact, I love the sleepy time lotion so much, I’ve started to use it on myself! They also have a great vitamin c powder and cod liver oil.

Pro tip: Last year, they had some site issues with so many people shopping at once. So go ahead and browse now and load up your cart.That way when Friday comes, the only thing you'll have to do is enter the code.

Earthley Black Friday Sale: Code “blackfriday2021” will get you 20% off. if you miss the sale, code "PRETTYHEALTHY" will save you 10% off your first order.

Air quality isn’t what it should be and while I have a few plants around, I’m not the best at keeping them alive so I have to depend on an air purifier To keep our air fresh and clean. I have the 3000 in Beckett’s nursery. They do third-party testing which I appreciate. In fact, third-party laboratory testing indicated that AirDoctor 3000 removed 99.97% of the live SARS-CoV-2 virus from the air! They didn’t have the 5000 when I bought it but I’d love one for our main living level!

Air Doctor Black Friday Sale: The link will be updated Tuesday! This sale runs from 11/23 - 12/7.

  • Buy AirDoctor 5000 – Receive 50% off AirDoctor 3000 (Total Savings: $754.5) + Free shipping ($49.95 value)

  • Buy an AirDoctor 5000 – Get 2 FREE Carbon/VOC filters (Total Savings: $425) + Free shipping ($39.9 value)

  • Buy an AirDoctor 3000 – Get a FREE Carbon/VOC filter (Total Savings: $340) + Free shipping ($39.9 value)

If you’ve been following me on the ‘gram, you know we love our ButcherBox! It's an easy way to have high-quality meat delivered straight to your door! (The kind of quality that’s often hard to find at the grocery store). It’s always 100% grass-fed, grass-finished and pasture-raised. There are never any added hormones or antibiotics and the animals are all humanely raised. Because it’s such high quality, it’s an excellent source of omega 3’s, vitamins and minerals!

Butcher Box Black Friday Sale: New members get two 10 oz, 100% grass-fed New York strips for free in every box for a year. The sale starts on 11/22 and ends on 11/28.

I've seriously been shopping here for the bulk of my pantry staples since the start of this company. The prices are great, the product selection is vast, and their customer service is exceptional. They even have their own line of products which is discounted even more. I especially love their collagen powder!

Thrive Market Black Friday Sale: Get 30% OFF 3000+ Items (Thrive Market's biggest sale EVER) when you purchase any Thrive Market Membership! (Valid 11/26 - 11/28). I'm definitely going to be stocking up on a lot of staples!

Bee pollen is an excellent source of b vitamins and copper. And it's so nutrient dense, you only need 1/4 - 1/2 a teaspoon to benefit. This is my favorite type of "sprinkles". I buy it local when I can find it, but when I can't, I love this brand! In fact, I have some of their bee pollen and throat propolis spray on the way right now. (Remind me next year to not buy anything just prior to Black Friday!)

Beekeeper's Naturals Black Friday Sale: 30% off sitewide. The sale runs from 11/23-11/29. If you miss the sale, code "PRETTYHEALTHY" will save you 20% off for all you first-timers.

Magnesium is one of the few supplements I believe almost everyone should be taking. There are a few brands and many different kinds I like and I think it's best to keep mixing them up. This is in the bicarbonate form and is great to help reduce stress, Also, if you've ever had heartburn, this is a great natural remedy (and is safe for pregnant women!)

Mitigate Stress Black Friday Sale: This sale will give 20% off store-wide starting Wednesday, 11/24/21 at 8:00 pm EST and end at midnight EST on Friday. Any orders over $150 after discounts are applied will get FREE SHIPPING!

The only toys we have in our house are Lovevery because they're sustainable, organic, and developmentally perfect for where our sun is at. Not to mention, they look great scattered around because they're designed so well! I've never seen them do a sale before so I'd jump on this one.

Lovevery Black Friday Sale: New subscribers can get $30 off the best-selling Play Kits with code PLAYKITS30! Valid through 11/30.

These are my favorite sales going on this year. Any of these would make great gifts... for loved ones or yourself!



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