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Best Tasting Lemon Water Ever

Somehow this water is smooth. It has just enough flavor and not too much that you can't drink it all day. I don't know how to explain it other than this water just tastes so darn good. I drink it all day every day now!

And it's so simple to throw together. This water is something you can easily make and drink day in and day out. That's my kind of recipe.

I’d never been a fan of drinking water. Until recently that is. Back in the day, I’d try all sorts of concoctions to find a way to be able to drink it; I’d try everything from adding in crystal light to my water bottle (gross) to squeezing lemons in my glass (boring). I was more of a soda or Kool-Aid kind of girl. I cringe when I think about the sugar-laden or diet beverages I used to drink on a regular basis.

Once I started learning more about ingredients and learned just how bad for me my beverages of choice were, I abandoned them in favor of plain water. The problem was, I just didn't love water by itself and still don’t.

So thankfully I finally found a way to love water! It’s no red wine or chai latte but I dare say it’s a strong runner-up. And the most important part is, because I enjoy it, I drink SO MUCH more than I ever have before. (Which is super important for me right now since I'm breastfeeding.)

How to Make the Best Tasting Lemon Water Ever

1. Use a Good Filter

While this may not be the secret ingredient, it’s an important place to start. Our drinking water is full of contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals. Additionally, it has traces of medications from prescriptions and hormones from birth control pills and from human urine. Yes, you read that right.

The only over-the-counter brand I use personally and recommend at this time is Berkey. It’s not the most beautiful contraption but I don’t care because it does exactly what I need it to do… it removes everything I just mentioned above and more. They even have an option to remove fluoride which isn’t commonly seen in most water filters!

2. Add Trace Minerals

Concentrace Mineral Drops are my secret ingredient. This has been a game-changer for how much water I’m able to drink during the day. Thanks to these drops, I’m able to drink a lot! And let me preface this by saying that if you try this recipe and don’t like it or it tastes salty to you, it’s very likely you used too much.

I started adding this to my water when I was pregnant with baby Beckett and constantly felt dehydrated no matter how much water I drank. The drops are a great source of electrolytes in addition to minerals and trace minerals that are getting harder and harder to get in our diet these days.

3. Add a Drop or Two of Lemon Essential Oil

Do you remember those sugary cereals we had when we were kids? In particular, Twix? For some reason, when I add high-quality lemon essential oil to my water, the taste reminds me of the flavor of the milk after it sat in the bowl of cereal. Let me know if you try it. I’m curious if you think this too!

Of course, I occasionally do add a squeeze of fresh lemon but there’s something about the essential oil that gives it an extra punch full of flavor.

I bring the drops with me on vacation when I don’t have access to my filter just to ensure I continue to drink enough. So If you don’t have a Berkey or other water filter, the minerals could still help make all the difference in the world so don’t let that stop you!

Have you tried it yet?



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