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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For Mom

Finding a gift for a significant other can be so much harder than you'd think. This is a roundup of my personal favorite things so if your a spouse looking for a gift for your wife, or a friend looking for another mom, or one of the kids looking for your parent... I've got you covered!

These are some of my favorite things that I utilize frequently or would love to have (hint hint any family reading this!) I know shopping for gifts can be stressful (which is why we're not doing them this year) so my goal is that this list will make your own holiday gift shopping go a little easier and that this list is something you'll be able to reference time and time again.

Here are some of my favorites gifts for any moms & others too!

01 Vuori Joggers: I legit have 3 pairs of these because they're SO SOFT and COMFORTABLE! Plus they come in long for all those mamas with long legs (like me!). These are perfect because of not only their comfort, but because they're cute. They can easily be worn at home all day with the kids and then to run errands and then to meet a friend.

02 Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas: This is another clothing item I have multiple of because of comfort and versatility. These are so comfortable and cute for the home, are great to sleep in, and are perfect for breastfeeding. I have one set that's pants, another that's cropped, and a third that's shorts. If you watch my Instagram stores, you probably recognize the collar!

03 LuluLemon Waterbottle Crossbody: Our hands area always full between diaper bag, baby, purse, etc. I'm always trying to find a way to carry my water bottle too and often drop it which leaves it dented. Enter the coolest idea ever, a water bottle crossbody bag! Yes, please! I need this one in my life.

04 UGGG Ainsley Water Resistant Slipper: I ordered and returned 5 pairs of slippers before I finally gave in and ordered these. I thought they were too pricey for slippers but after all my failed attempts, I'm so glad I splurged on these. They're super cute, perfectly comfortable, and have soles on the bottom if I want to walk outside. It says they run true to size but I sized up so I could wear thick socks in the winter and I'm glad I did. They fit perfectly with bare feet as well as with my socks.

05: Bamboo Tub Support Extendable Shelf: My husband bought me one of these for a gift one year and I love it! I aim to take a soothing salt bath once a week and I use this little caddy every single time. It holds my wine glass, cell phone, computer or book, as well as some little bath essentials. It's super handy.

06 Rose Gold Swig Tumbler: I prefer to drink wine out of a pretty glass whenever possible... but sometimes it's just not. That's where this stemless wine glass comes in handy. It's stainless steel, insulated, and has a lid in case a little one knocks it over. And of course, it holds other drinks besides wine!

07 Audible Subscription: I listen to books all the time since I no longer have time to sit down and read a paper book anymore. It makes my hour long walks fly by. I even listen to one while I'm cooking or cleaning from time to time too. When you sign up through this link, get a free 30-day trial.

08 We're Not Really Strangers Card Game: I actually bought this for Josh for his birthday one year and we really enjoy it. We spend a few days here and there choosing a card for the other to answer to help get to know one another better. We've also used it as an icebreaker during one of our supper club meetups and it was a real hit.

09 NordicTrack Treadmill: After having a baby in the middle of winter, I wanted desperately to be able to go for a walk but it was too cold outside. I would have loved a treadmill to walk on with baby in tow but we didn't have the space at the time. Now we do and I'd love to have one to mix in some runs in between my strength work... hopefully I'll have one before baby #2 if there is one!

10 Earthley Spa Night Gift Set: You can't go wrong with anything from Earthley, especially a spa night gift set. Earthley products are made with only the best ingredients and formulated with care. Add a massage, spa day, pedicure, or maybe even some homemade coupons and you have a whole mamas special day gift package.



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