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The Benefits of Watermelon in Summer

If you've been following me for a while, you know that i love watermelon. Absolutely love it. I literally eat a whole watermelon nearly every single week. All. Summer. Long.

I get so excited about summer for a slew of reasons and watermelon is definitely one of them. I can't think of a better way to stay hydrated and get to eat something sweet at the same time. Not to mention, it's one of the easiest things to pack for hikes, trips to the beach, pool, and even a neighbors cookout.

Clearly Watermelon is a perfect summer food.

Let’s go over why.


Watermelon has a ton of water in it. Those long days strolling on the beach mean a ton of sweat and water loss. Having to rehydrate and guzzle water gets old. Plus watermelon is packed with electrolytes which help you stay hydrated for longer than just plain water. This is why it's is the perfect partner for the summer stroll. You’ll be hydrating and enjoying the sweetness of the fruit at the same time

Packed with Vitamins

With so many opportunities each summer we know summer will fly by. In the rush of summer we tend to forget about slowing down and ensuring our meals are well balanced and covering the bases of nutrition we want. Don’t worry, watermelon has you covered. It’s packed with vitamin C, A, Potassium, Magnesium and B vitamins. The reason we push eating all of the colors of the vegetable rainbow is to get the various vitamins each color represents. Watermelon gives you a slew of vitamins in a juicy bright package.

Good for Skin and Hair

Even though I love the glow the summer gives to my skin and hair, it’s also pretty damaging. The nutrients inside watermelon like lycopene, vitamins A and C address this damage by helping the body make collagen. Collagen is a protein that keeps the skin moist, hair strong, repairs skin cells, and can help protect the skin against sunburn. (Sunscreen may still be necessary.)

Improves Digestion

In addition to the water inside each watermelon, it also contains fiber which is essential for digestion and to keep the digestive tract moving along. I know bloating is something I've always struggled with and watermelon helps prevent that for me. In fact, watermelon is almost always my go-to fruit to eat before a swim or lingerie shoot because it digests so quickly and helps reduce bloating.

That bloating and upset stomach feeling is the last thing we want to feel when we show up to our friend's cookout.

Pairs Well with Champagne

A morning is the perfect start to the day. Why not get the party started with a little change to the mimosa? Instead of the concentrated juice mixture that’s been sitting behind the bar, switch it up with some fresh watermelon. Seeing as how we nearly always have both on hand, Josh and I do this a lot. The fruit juices from the melon provide a sweet touch to the morning cocktail and start your morning off right.

And it makes for a pretty photo.

Out of all of the fruits, watermelon is definitely our go-to in the summer for all of the reasons above and more. I swear if I had to survive on one fruit alone, it would be watermelon.

Grab your watermelon today, make your cocktail, and enjoy the remaining days of summer!



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