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The Pretty Healthy 2022 Holiday Gift Guide: For Wellness Lovers

I don't know about you, but I LOVE the holidays. December is easily one of my favorite months. Give me the lights, warm drinks, fire pits, and the Christmas tree smell and I can cozy on up until the new year. Not to mention the fun cookie shapes, holiday food, and most importantly, the quality time with my family.

Another fun part about Christmas is, of course, the gifts! We've rounded up a few of our favorite goodies for those last-minute Christmas gifts that your wellness loved ones will adore. And don't worry, we chose something at a variety of price points to cover everyone on your list. If you're looking for a stocking stuffer or to go all out, we've got you covered!

Gift Guide for all the Health + Wellness Lovers

You may have noticed that these shoes are everywhere right now and with good reason. These are actually great lifting shoes! I have a pair of classic white hightops on my Christmas list. And then I realized (too little, too late) that I couldn't wait so I ordered a black pair to have until then. Ah well, Two pairs are better than one, right? And you can't beat the price, especially considering they transition from the gym to the street seamlessly.

These are my absolute favorite shoes to wear on leg day. There's something about being able to grip the ground with my feet that helps me stabilize and push myself harder (and lift more weight!). These don't transition as well as converse for day-to-day wear but they're irreplaceable! Josh and I both have a pair and we keep them in our gym lockers. Because they're used on an as-needed basis, I know that these will last us years!

Josh and I both wear a LOT of Vuori. In fact, nearly my entire athletic and athleisure wardrobe has shifted to this brand because it's SO comfortable and SO practical. And most importantly, stylish and flattering. I have these joggers in three colors and the boyfriend jogger in two colors. Josh has the ripstop pant in a few colors too.

Who doesn't love a long lengthy bath? And what better excuse to encourage someone to take as many of them as they want without needing to skimp on the salt because they're about to run out... again.

What better way to wake up than with the sun? We have one of these in our bedroom and I'm very grateful for the soft glow of light as it starts to wake us up. And I'm even more grateful for the soft pleasing sounds (unlike the jarring alarm clocks of my past!).

Everyone likely puts salt and pepper in their meals at some point. I say you may as well do it with these beautiful classic walnut grinders. In fact, I think it's time we upgraded our own soon!

I hear these are wondrous for smoothing skin and slowing down the aging process. I only just started doing it a month or so ago myself so I can't speak to whether it works or not yet, but I suspect it works quite well. And besides, who doesn't love a good massage coupled with anti-aging?

Air quality is SO important when you think about the fact that we breathe it in 24/7 and spend most of our time at home. This brand is the one we keep in my son's room since it's most important that he has the cleanest air of us all. Save up to $400 with this link!

Non-toxic laundry detergent that actually works is hard to come by. This one does the job and it does it well! So much so that I've used it for years. It even gets our stinky sweaty clothes clean. This may not be as "fun" as the other gifts but if your gift-giving friend likes practical gifts (as I do!), then this is a great choice.

This is a bit of a splurge but it's worth it when you think about the fact that it'll last several lifetimes. In fact, I've heard of families passing these on to their children for generations! And how beautiful is the black one with the gold handle? Someone, please get this for me!

Spatulas are essential for every kitchen and these are so beautiful! I have a bunch already and asked for more because Beckett conveniently dropped most of ours in a vent before we realized. Oops! They're worth replacing, though, for sure. This means, they're a great stocking stuffer for your friend who loves to cook.

12: Socks

Who doesn't need a new pair of socks?! These fit like a glove (can I say that about socks?) and are perfectly thin. I just stocked up on quite a few! (And it's about time considering most of my old socks are riddled with holes!)



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