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Do This One Thing to Give any Dish Flavor

So often I’m in a hurry that I end up making pretty much anything I have left in the fridge that hit all three macros; protein, carbs,and fats. (I don’t count macros, I just like to make a point to get all of them in at each meal.)

Take for example, what my husband coined as the “Bro Diet”, chicken, broccoli, and rice. That’s a pretty boring and bland meal to me if I don’t make a point to follow a recipe for each individual item. And if I’m throwing through meal together in the first place, I definitely don’t have time for that.

For the most part I’m pretty savvy in the kitchen. I’m usually quick to pair spices together and add ingredients to make meals taste better but sometimes I don’t have the time nor energy.

So instead, I like to incorporate spice blends from time to time. And even then, there are only two I use regularly. And a third I occasionally use for Mexican dishes like tacos and sheet pan fajitas.

When you’re not sure how to season a dish, just reach for one of these blends and see how your meal transforms with flavor.

These are my favorite blends right now.

Favorite Spice Blends

1. Everything Seasoning

This one is delicious and is definitely my first go-to. I use this nearly every morning on my greens when I make my typical eggs, spinach, and sauerkraut for breakfast.

I also love it in salads with a soy sauce, oil and vinegar salad dressing.

2. A. Vogel Herbed Sea Salt

This is my first choice for proteins and simple one-ingredient side dishes. I use it on salmon with some lemon and sprinkle it generously on chicken pretty regularly. I also like to stir it in rice and side dishes like Brussel sprouts with some grass-fed butter. Butter combined with the A. Voegel spice blends makes for a quick seasoned and flavorful meal.

3. Tack Seasoning Packages

This my husband uses more often than I do. For some reason, I still find myself reaching for the five ingredients that make up most taco seasoning blends. And each time I wonder why when they’re already so conveniently combined in a perfectly proportioned package. Occasionally, I’ll think to grab this. And it’s a real time saver when I do.

4. Italian Seasoning Blend

On Thursday evenings Josh coaches CrossFit which means that baby Beckett and I usually eat alone. And since that often zaps my motivation, Thursday night is almost always pasta night in our house.

I can’t think of an easier way to make an already easy dish easier than by adding some Italian spices. Technically, there are some in the marinara but I find the flavor lacking if I don’t add more. So to give your pasta a flavor boost, add a tablespoon of this blend.

So the next time you want to eat healthy but don’t want to put energy into following a recipe, try adding any of the above blends to your meals. You’ll likely see just how much it can enhance the flavor overall and make them quite delicious.



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