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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Compilation

These are some of my favorite things that we utilize frequently or would love to have. (Hint hint to any family reading this!) I know shopping for gifts can be stressful (which is why we're not doing them this year) so my goal is that this list will make your own holiday gift shopping go a little easier and that this list is something you'll be able to reference time and time again.

Below is a compilation of all the guides we put together in one place so you have a quick one-stop-shop. We did our best to include everything from $20 - $200 so there's something for every budget. If you're looking for stocking stuffer or if you love going all out, there's something here for you.

Enjoy and happy shopping!


Finding a gift for a significant other can be so much harder than you'd think. This is a roundup of my personal favorite things so if your a spouse looking for a gift for your wife, or a friend looking for another mom, or one of the kids looking for your parent... I've got you covered!

Here are some of my favorites gifts for any moms & others too!

01 Vuori Joggers: I legit have 3 pairs of these because they're SO SOFT and COMFORTABLE! Plus they come in long for all those mamas with long legs (like me!). These are perfect because of not only their comfort, but because they're cute. They can easily be worn at home all day with the kids and then to run errands and then to meet a friend.

02 Nordstrom Moonlight Pajamas: This is another clothing item I have multiple of because of comfort and versatility. These are so comfortable and cute for the home, are great to sleep in, and are perfect for breastfeeding. I have one set that's pants, another that's cropped, and a third that's shorts. If you watch my Instagram stores, you probably recognize the collar!

03 LuluLemon Waterbottle Crossbody: Our hands area always full between diaper bag, baby, purse, etc. I'm always trying to find a way to carry my water bottle too and often drop it which leaves it dented. Enter the coolest idea ever, a water bottle crossbody bag! Yes, please! I need this one in my life.

04 UGGG Ainsley Water Resistant Slipper: I ordered and returned 5 pairs of slippers before I finally gave in and ordered these. I thought they were too pricey for slippers but after all my failed attempts, I'm so glad I splurged on these. They're super cute, perfectly comfortable, and have soles on the bottom if I want to walk outside. It says they run true to size but I sized up so I could wear thick socks in the winter and I'm glad I did. They fit perfectly with bare feet as well as with my socks.

05: Bamboo Tub Support Extendable Shelf: My husband bought me one of these for a gift one year and I love it! I aim to take a soothing salt bath once a week and I use this little caddy every single time. It holds my wine glass, cell phone, computer or book, as well as some little bath essentials. It's super handy.

06 Rose Gold Swig Tumbler: I prefer to drink wine out of a pretty glass whenever possible... but sometimes it's just not. That's where this stemless wine glass comes in handy. It's stainless steel, insulated, and has a lid in case a little one knocks it over. And of course, it holds other drinks besides wine!

07 Audible Subscription: I listen to books all the time since I no longer have time to sit down and read a paper book anymore. It makes my hour long walks fly by. I even listen to one while I'm cooking or cleaning from time to time too. When you sign up through this link, get a free 30-day trial.

08 We're Not Really Strangers Card Game: I actually bought this for Josh for his birthday one year and we really enjoy it. We spend a few days here and there choosing a card for the other to answer to help get to know one another better. We've also used it as an icebreaker during one of our supper club meetups and it was a real hit.

09 NordicTrack Treadmill: After having a baby in the middle of winter, I wanted desperately to be able to go for a walk but it was too cold outside. I would have loved a treadmill to walk on with baby in tow but we didn't have the space at the time. Now we do and I'd love to have one to mix in some runs in between my strength work... hopefully I'll have one before baby #2 if there is one!

10 Earthley Spa Night Gift Set: You can't go wrong with anything from Earthley, especially a spa night gift set. Earthley products are made with only the best ingredients and formulated with care. Add a massage, spa day, pedicure, or maybe even some homemade coupons and you have a whole mamas special day gift package.


The best gift guide ever for all the dads and men!

01 Vuori Ripstop Climbers: I’m addicted to these pants. I own three pairs. They're the perfect mix of outdoor style and comfort while not looking like I’m wearing gym clothes all day. They are light and move really well. For many guys, they swear by golf pants because of these same reasons...but I don‘t play golf. Also, golf pants look very office casual. So for me, these climbers are the look and feel I love for the weekdays and weekend.

02 Reebok Nano Trainers: I’m a huge fan of the Nano shoe from Reebok. The last three to four years I’ve bought a new pair each year and these are my favorite. I love them because they are built for intense HIIT workouts but also work really well for a long run. My biggest complaint in years past has been the one dimensional design for the shoe, but these shoes fixed it.

03 Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt: I‘m new to the Ten Thousand brand and what I’ve seen so far, I really like. Their clothes are built for working out. Period. That’s what makes them great. There is an athleisure trend going on these days which has resulted in some brands building clothes that look great but perform poorly. This brand is focused on making clothes that function well first and they do it well.

04 Vuori Alpine Sherpa Jacket: This is the second Vuori product on the wish list. I spoke about brands who do athleisure and Vuori is my favorite for that. The biggest problem with this jacket is that my wife steals it more than I can wear it. It’s super soft and keeps you warm. Again, like the ripstop climbers provide the perfect mix of outdoor style and comfort. This is the same. Love it.

05 Sony ZV-1 Compact Camera: I know what you’re going to say. Hey old man, do you have a smart phone? Do you know how good the cameras are on these smart phones? Yeah, I know. The thing is though, I have technology ADD. When I go to my phone with the intention to take a picture, but yet I see a work email. So I check my email, and then I move to social media…then I check the weather…and so on and so on. It happens more than I would like to admit. So I wanted a camera that could allow me to be more present with my family. I can now leave my phone at home and still capture the memories I’ll cherish for years to come.

06: Withings Scan Watch: Along the same vein of limiting my notifications, we have a watch. This watch will give you some fitness metrics and also notify you of some basic text messages. It looks like an old fashioned watch though which is what I love about it. Just like the camera, I want to be more present with my family. The watch helps me achieve that. It provides what you need. I have an Apple Watch and I find myself checking it too often. Brittney notices me checking it too often and I hate that. This watch gives me the basics, while still keeping me slightly connected. We talked about the watch giving you message notifications, it also gives you steps, heart rate, ECG etc. It’s designed for fitness, but provides you with the classic look. P.S. It has a 30 day battery life.

07 Ninja Extra Large AirFryer: The air fryer is a staple of my week. I’m not a huge fan of spending hours in the kitchen. The air fryer fixes that. Every week, I grab a few sweet potatoes, some peppers and broccoli . Put them in the air fryer and that’s my lunch for the week…at least for my vegetables. I’ll usually add 1/2 pound of some type of meat for my protein, but that makes my lunch easy and that’s what I’m all about. Making my health easy. The air fryer helps me achieve that.

08 MiniMe Baby Shoulder Carrier: I LOVE this product! This shoulder carrier allows little Beckett to sit on my shoulders and feel secure. Instead of having him strapped to my chest and creating so much body heat between the two of us, he can be free to feel the wind blow. I swear every single time I wear this out, I get asked where I got it from and how they could get one. It’s a product that I feel every new dad needs to get.

09 Fellow Coffee Stuff: I’m not much a design guy, Brittney takes care of that. I care more about function. Fellow products combine both. I love coffee and it’s a daily ritual for me. So having products which make the experience richer and more pleasant are nice. I think Brittney and I both have our eye on this sharp looking mug.

10 Traeger Pellet Grill: I've had my eye on this for ages now! I’ve had many types of grills. My first townhouse had the natural gas grill. Then I moved on to a propane grill. I tried my hand at charcoal grills and I think I’ve found my last grill with this Traeger grill. The pellets provide the wood flavor that I love and the heat distribution is perfect for outdoor cooking. If I combine this with my air fryer veggies, I do feel like a gourmet cook.


I absolutely love anything that supports the wellbeing of myself and my family. Plus it's so fun to experiment with new things and try what works and what doesn't! I hope that this list will take out the guesswork for you when shopping for someone who loves this kind of stuff too.

Simple gift guide for all the health & wellness lovers

01 Plant Therapy Portable Diffuser: I have a different version of this in my car and I absolutely love it. It fits right into my cupholder and makes my car smell wondrous for road trips. I love that I can put the oils in it to help me relax after a long day or to stay alert for long drives. And if I'm feeling under the weather, it's a great way to give my immune system a boost while I'm on the go.

02 Look Optic Blue Light Glasses: I spend a lot of time on my phone and computer for pretty healthy family and wearing blue light glasses are said to make the screen much easier on your eyes. I just ordered a few pairs of these, so I can't say for sure if they help my sleep or such as they claim. But I do believe they will!

03 Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat: I always get compliments when I bring this to a yoga studio. This yoga mat is absolutely stunning and eco-friendly too.

04 Levels Glucose Monitor: Levels tracks your blood and glucose levels in real time so you can maximize your diet and exercise. This looks absolutely fascinating to me and I'd love to give it a try!

05 Sweat App Subscription: I've used this app for years and recommend it to everyone because it's so perfect for so many different people! There are a multitude of different trainers and styles of workouts to choose from so there's something for everyone. Plus there are workouts for postpartum as well.

06 Daily Harvest Gift Box: Daily Harvest is wonderful for someone who's on the go a lot or is always in a hurry. Their meals are all vegan and gluten-free so it suits a variety of diets. Mostly, I just love their desserts. The ice cream doesn't last a day in our home!

07 Organic Bamboo Sheet Set: Bamboo sheets are heavenly. They're so soft and are excellent at keeping body heat from elevating and whisking sweat away if necessary. The price of this brand is really reasonable too.

08 Stasher Bag Bundle: These bags replace throwaway ziplock bags and are so much prettier. They make packing snacks far more interesting and enjoyable in my opinon. I've also used them to carry toiletries and such. The wellness or eco-friendly person will love these!

09 Bed Of Nails Acupressure Pillow: These are said to relieve tension, headaches, muscle aches, and more. The size of this one is perfect to stash easily in your home or pack for a trip away.

10 Six Quart Instant Pot: I love these so much, I have two! I have a six quart as well as an 8 quart. The Instant Pot is perfect for making a one-pot meal in as little time as possible. I love being able to sauté the onions and/or meat prior to cooking a dish to help give it that added flavor. Having two is nice so my husband and I can both meal prep our lunches at the same time if we need to.


We're so excited for the holidays this year! It'll be our first as a family with baby Beckett. This weekend we're going to pick out a Christmas tree... and put it in his old playpen to keep him from eating it/knocking it down/playing with the ornaments. Haha! And I might be just as excited to bring you our holidays guides to hopefully give you new ideas and make gift shopping a bit easier on you.

This gift guide is for all babies & kids

01: Lovevery Subscription or Montessori Playshelf: We have a lot of Lovevery toys and absolutely love them. They're all sustainably made and attractive enough that if it's left on the floor, it's not an eyesore (which is very important to me!). I've had my eye on this shelf since it came out. I'd love to put it in our workout room and start sharing it as Beckett's playroom too! Josh's parents are gifting him a subscription to their playkits next year. You can't go wrong with gifting any of their products!

02: Chriffer Kids Musical Instrument Toy Set: My cousin asked me today if I'd be ok with her buying this set for our son. If you're ok with the racket, this could be the perfect gift! I know Beckett loves anything he can bang on the ground that makes noise so this would be a whole new level of fun for him.

03: Hanna Anderson Baby Zip One Piece: I recently bought this for our son so we could keep him warm on our long walks as it continues to get colder outside. It's super warm and cozy! Hanna Anderson products are known to be good quality and stand the test of time too.

04: Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: A good friend of mine swears by this. She says it's the only thing that got her 3 kids through teething. I recently got one for little Beckett so we'll see how it works! We got ours from this company because they have an authentication certificate.

05: Dyper Subscription for Baby + Toddler Diapers: Personally, I like practical gifts exactly like this. Diapers can be so pricey so any little bit helps! And these diapers are completely biodegradable. They even have an option to mail the diapers back for them to compost! We love them because they're super soft and don't have any harsh chemicals. Considering he wears them 24/7, I feel better knowing he's as comfortable as possible and only has the best materials in such a sensitive area.

06: Pebble Toys: Based in Bangladesh, Pebble sells handmade and hand-knitted toys that support women with sustainable income opportunities in rural areas of the country. Its toys are made with 100% organic cotton and have a contemporary look and soft feel. They're so stinking cute and I love that they're for a good cause.

07: ezpz Happy Suction Plate Set: We have the first foods set for our son as soon as he was ready for solids and we love it! I especially love the smiling version of this one. It's so much fun watching him to learn how to drink out of the tiny cup and use the tiny utensils the "wrong" way. And it's great how it suctions to the table to keep it from sliding (or being thrown) all over the place.

08: Our Green House Gift Basket: This company allows you to create your own eco-friendly gift basket using a variety of their products. You can select everything down to the style of the basket! I think it's such a fun idea and is the perfect gift idea for the holidays, birthdays, baby showers, you-name-it. Plus it's a natural and organic company that supports the well-being of artisans and families.

09: Lalo "Play Kit": I love the idea of having a small table like this for the kids to eat snacks in a place with less distractions. It would make a great coloring and play area too! Plus I think it's pretty chic looking.

10: Stokke TrippTrapp Highchair: Mealtime is really important to us and this allows us to pull Beckett right up to the table with us, even as he grows. There is an option to use it with a try (which is what we're doing until we finally get a breakfast nook table!)

I hope this helps making your gift shopping a little easier this year! Please let me know if you find something that works for you so next year we can have a better idea of what worked and what didn't. Happy holidays!



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