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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For Baby

We're so excited for the holidays this year! It'll be our first as a family with baby Beckett. This weekend we're going to pick out a Christmas tree... and put it in his old playpen to keep him from eating it/knocking it down/playing with the ornaments. Haha! And I might be just as excited to bring you our holidays guides to hopefully give you new ideas and make gift shopping a bit easier on you.

We did our best to offer a variety of gifts from $20 - $200 so there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a stocking stuffer or the biggest gift possible, we have you covered! As always, every item is carefully chosen because we love and use it, are planing to buy it, or would love to have it. We hope that this guide will help finding the "right" gift so much easier!

This Gift Guide is for All Things Baby + Kids

01: Lovevery Subscription or Montessori Playshelf: We have a lot of Lovevery toys and absolutely love them. They're all sustainably made and attractive enough that if it's left on the floor, it's not an eyesore (which is very important to me!). I've had my eye on this shelf since it came out. I'd love to put it in our workout room and start sharing it as Beckett's playroom too! Josh's parents are gifting him a subscription to their playkits next year. You can't go wrong with gifting any of their products!

02: Chriffer Kids Musical Instrument Toy Set: My cousin asked me today if I'd be ok with her buying this set for our son. If you're ok with the racket, this could be the perfect gift! I know Beckett loves anything he can bang on the ground that makes noise so this would be a whole new level of fun for him.

03: Hanna Anderson Baby Zip One Piece: I recently bought this for our son so we could keep him warm on our long walks as it continues to get colder outside. It's super warm and cozy! Hanna Anderson products are known to be good quality and stand the test of time too.

04: Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: A good friend of mine swears by this. She says it's the only thing that got her 3 kids through teething. I recently got one for little Beckett so we'll see how it works! We got ours from this company because they have an authentication certificate.

05: Dyper Subscription for Baby + Toddler Diapers: Personally, I like practical gifts exactly like this. Diapers can be so pricey so any little bit helps! And these diapers are completely biodegradable. They even have an option to mail the diapers back for them to compost! We love them because they're super soft and don't have any harsh chemicals. Considering he wears them 24/7, I feel better knowing he's as comfortable as possible and only has the best materials in such a sensitive area.

06: Pebble Toys: Based in Bangladesh, Pebble sells handmade and hand-knitted toys that support women with sustainable income opportunities in rural areas of the country. Its toys are made with 100% organic cotton and have a contemporary look and soft feel. They're so stinking cute and I love that they're for a good cause.

07: ezpz Happy Suction Plate Set: We have the first foods set for our son as soon as he was ready for solids and we love it! I especially love the smiling version of this one. It's so much fun watching him to learn how to drink out of the tiny cup and use the tiny utensils the "wrong" way. And it's great how it suctions to the table to keep it from sliding (or being thrown) all over the place.

08: Our Green House Gift Basket: This company allows you to create your own eco-friendly gift basket using a variety of their products. You can select everything down to the style of the basket! I think it's such a fun idea and is the perfect gift idea for the holidays, birthdays, baby showers, you-name-it. Plus it's a natural and organic company that supports the well-being of artisans and families.

09: Lalo "Play Kit": I love the idea of having a small table like this for the kids to eat snacks in a place with less distractions. It would make a great coloring and play area too! Plus I think it's pretty chic looking.

10: Stokke TrippTrapp Highchair: Mealtime is really important to us and this allows us to pull Beckett right up to the table with us, even as he grows. There is an option to use it with a try (which is what we're doing until we finally get a breakfast nook table!)

I hope this helps making your gift shopping a little easier this year! Please let me know if you find something that works for you so next year we can have a better idea of what worked and what didn't. Happy holidays!



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