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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For Dads

The Best Gift Guide Ever for all the Dads and Men out There

01 Vuori Ripstop Climbers: I’m addicted to these pants. I own three pairs. They're the perfect mix of outdoor style and comfort while not looking like I’m wearing gym clothes all day. They are light and move really well. For many guys, they swear by golf pants because of these same reasons...but I don‘t play golf. Also, golf pants look very office casual. So for me, these climbers are the look and feel I love for the weekdays and weekend.

02 Reebok Nano Trainers: I’m a huge fan of the Nano shoe from Reebok. The last three to four years I’ve bought a new pair each year and these are my favorite. I love them because they are built for intense HIIT workouts but also work really well for a long run. My biggest complaint in years past has been the one dimensional design for the shoe, but these shoes fixed it.

03 Ten Thousand Versatile Shirt: I‘m new to the Ten Thousand brand and what I’ve seen so far, I really like. Their clothes are built for working out. Period. That’s what makes them great. There is an athleisure trend going on these days which has resulted in some brands building clothes that look great but perform poorly. This brand is focused on making clothes that function well first and they do it well.

04 Vuori Alpine Sherpa Jacket: This is the second Vuori product on the wish list. I spoke about brands who do athleisure and Vuori is my favorite for that. The biggest problem with this jacket is that my wife steals it more than I can wear it. It’s super soft and keeps you warm. Again, like the ripstop climbers provide the perfect mix of outdoor style and comfort. This is the same. Love it.

05 Sony ZV-1 Compact Camera: I know what you’re going to say. Hey old man, do you have a smart phone? Do you know how good the cameras are on these smart phones? Yeah, I know. The thing is though, I have technology ADD. When I go to my phone with the intention to take a picture, but yet I see a work email. So I check my email, and then I move to social media…then I check the weather…and so on and so on. It happens more than I would like to admit. So I wanted a camera that could allow me to be more present with my family. I can now leave my phone at home and still capture the memories I’ll cherish for years to come.

06: Withings Scan Watch: Along the same vein of limiting my notifications, we have a watch. This watch will give you some fitness metrics and also notify you of some basic text messages. It looks like an old fashioned watch though which is what I love about it. Just like the camera, I want to be more present with my family. The watch helps me achieve that. It provides what you need. I have an Apple Watch and I find myself checking it too often. Brittney notices me checking it too often and I hate that. This watch gives me the basics, while still keeping me slightly connected. We talked about the watch giving you message notifications, it also gives you steps, heart rate, ECG etc. It’s designed for fitness, but provides you with the classic look. P.S. It has a 30 day battery life.

07 Ninja Extra Large AirFryer: The air fryer is a staple of my week. I’m not a huge fan of spending hours in the kitchen. The air fryer fixes that. Every week, I grab a few sweet potatoes, some peppers and broccoli . Put them in the air fryer and that’s my lunch for the week…at least for my vegetables. I’ll usually add 1/2 pound of some type of meat for my protein, but that makes my lunch easy and that’s what I’m all about. Making my health easy. The air fryer helps me achieve that.

08 MiniMe Baby Shoulder Carrier: I LOVE this product! This shoulder carrier allows little Beckett to sit on my shoulders and feel secure. Instead of having him strapped to my chest and creating so much body heat between the two of us, he can be free to feel the wind blow. I swear every single time I wear this out, I get asked where I got it from and how they could get one. It’s a product that I feel every new dad needs to get.

09 Fellow Coffee Stuff: I’m not much a design guy, Brittney takes care of that. I care more about function. Fellow products combine both. I love coffee and it’s a daily ritual for me. So having products which make the experience richer and more pleasant are nice. I think Brittney and I both have our eye on this sharp looking mug.

10 Traeger Pellet Grill: I've had my eye on this for ages now! I’ve had many types of grills. My first townhouse had the natural gas grill. Then I moved on to a propane grill. I tried my hand at charcoal grills and I think I’ve found my last grill with this Traeger grill. The pellets provide the wood flavor that I love and the heat distribution is perfect for outdoor cooking. If I combine this with my air fryer veggies, I do feel like a gourmet cook.



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