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The 2021 Holiday Gift Guide: For Wellness Lovers

I absolutely love anything that supports the wellbeing of myself and my family. Plus it's so fun to experiment with new things and try what works and what doesn't! I hope that this list will take out the guesswork for you when shopping for someone who loves this kind of stuff too.

I did my best to hit every price point from $20 - $200 so there's something for everyone, whether it's a stocking stuffer of if you love to go all out. This was a lot of fun putting together and I really hope it helps you find the perfect gift for your loved ones (or yourself!)

Gift Guide for all the Health + Wellness Lovers

01 Plant Therapy Portable Diffuser: I have a different version of this in my car and I absolutely love it. It fits right into my cupholder and makes my car smell wondrous for road trips. I love that I can put the oils in it to help me relax after a long day or to stay alert for long drives. And if I'm feeling under the weather, it's a great way to give my immune system a boost while I'm on the go.

02 Look Optic Blue Light Glasses: I spend a lot of time on my phone and computer for pretty healthy family and wearing blue light glasses are said to make the screen much easier on your eyes. I just ordered a few pairs of these, so I can't say for sure if they help my sleep or such as they claim. But I do believe they will!

03 Yoloha Cork Yoga Mat: I always get compliments when I bring this to a yoga studio. This yoga mat is absolutely stunning and eco-friendly too.

04 Levels Glucose Monitor: Levels tracks your blood and glucose levels in real time so you can maximize your diet and exercise. This looks absolutely fascinating to me and I'd love to give it a try!

05 Sweat App Subscription: I've used this app for years and recommend it to everyone because it's so perfect for so many different people! There are a multitude of different trainers and styles of workouts to choose from so there's something for everyone. Plus there are workouts for postpartum as well.

06 Daily Harvest Gift Box: Daily Harvest is wonderful for someone who's on the go a lot or is always in a hurry. Their meals are all vegan and gluten-free so it suits a variety of diets. Mostly, I just love their desserts. The ice cream doesn't last a day in our home!

07 Organic Bamboo Sheet Set: Bamboo sheets are heavenly. They're so soft and are excellent at keeping body heat from elevating and whisking sweat away if necessary. The price of this brand is really reasonable too.

08 Stasher Bag Bundle: These bags replace throwaway ziplock bags and are so much prettier. They make packing snacks far more interesting and enjoyable in my opinon. I've also used them to carry toiletries and such. The wellness or eco-friendly person will love these!

09 Bed Of Nails Acupressure Pillow: These are said to relieve tension, headaches, muscle aches, and more. The size of this one is perfect to stash easily in your home or pack for a trip away.

10 Six Quart Instant Pot: I love these so much, I have two! I have a six quart as well as an 8 quart. The Instant Pot is perfect for making a one-pot meal in as little time as possible. I love being able to sauté the onions and/or meat prior to cooking a dish to help give it that added flavor. Having two is nice so my husband and I can both meal prep our lunches at the same time if we need to.



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